welcome to another year in the dark(room)     photo by Kamarah Simonetta-Calabrese


Willow Forest

This photo is of my two younger sisters.  Since I don't live with them anymore I don't get to see them that much outside of school.  We all have always been really close and it has been really sad that I don't get to see them as much as I used to.  When we were all younger we used to all have to share a room.  We hated it at the time but now I kinda miss it.  We used to stay up late just talking about random stuff that we had learned at school.  Even if we weren’t talking to each other it was just nice knowing they were there.  If course we fight sometimes but that’s what sisters do.  But in the end we always get over it.  Knowing someone will always be there for you in a really great thing to know.  Not everyone get’s that and sometimes I take that for granted.   


Magdalene McCaffrey

This photo depicts two of the most important things in my life: Family and Love. My father and my dog are the balancing elements and focuses of my photo. Both very picturesque and very rare to be captured in a second of non motion, these constance-both the figures and the emotion held in this photo-are never out of my life, and capturing the little, important moments of purity and clarity, the ones you never want to forget, but all ways seem to, is often the main focus of the photos I take. Remembering what's important, not through big flashy moments, but in the "common," taken advantage moments.


Kyle Graves

1) this photo is me and my best friend from Montpelier, me and him don't see each other as much anymore cause of the school change. Me and him go to Maine every year for a four day camping trip which is where this photo is taken, this was two years ago. We aren't going together this year because of money and it's a real bummer cause it's the only time we really get to hangout. This picture brings back so many memories from that year of camping. We walked around till like 12 at night everyday we were there and went tubing. Tubing was the highlight of this trip. I flipped on to his side of the tube and almost took both of us off it lol. 

2) I'd say this is a point of view picture because we are up higher than my mom taking the picture so she had to aim up, so means it's point of view

Dakota Clark and Lilly Richardson

Dakota Clark 

This picture represents where I live, where I've grown up. It shares a lot of memories with me.I have spent a lot of time on the water or walking on the dirt roads surround it. There are so many angles to look at the water, each unique. This picture shows depth in the seemingly small mountains and rolling hills that take your eyes up to the guard rail. You see the calmness of the water towards the front of the picture and the ripples in the back, made by a slight wind. This picture interprets my reality and shows the beauty that nature holds for us to enjoy.This scene is apart of my everyday life, when I wake up in the morning to when I come home. This moment may not last forever. One moment it’s here and another it could be gone, swallowed up by time itself, or it may last for another lifetime, thriving with wildlife. You never know what will happen to breathtaking sights like this one. I want to remember this very moment for the reasons I had just stated. Someday this pond could just be a memory, lost in the minds of those who have enjoyed it, much like I have. 

Lilly Richardson

When a team wins a championship they receive medals. As of Saturday, June 14 I had never received a medal or had the chance of receiving one for I had never been in a championship game before. However, Saturday night the girls lacrosse team was at Castleton ready to fight for the ‘ship against Chelsea. Together we played our hearts out and nothing could have beat the feeling we got as we all lined up and received medals, validating all the hard work we put in throughout the season. The medal itself is not that special, it isn't made of the finest quality, but every time I see it I will be reminded of the night that my team won U-32’s second only girls lacrosse championship. This photo itself depicts the moment when I was able to display the medal in my room where it will hang against a mirror and will always remind me of the time our team goal was accomplished. 

Brandon Lawson

Basketball has always provided the best memories for me. I started playing in kindergarten and have played all through school until my senior year I would love to play longer but after my last game senior year that will probably be it for me. I remember starting out going to my school every Saturday for the K through 2 program teaching youngsters the basics of the game then in fourth grade entering in a tournament and making it to the championship game and the refs were obviously against us so we lost. I loved basketball in elementary school one because my Dad coached and because I was the tallest kid out there so I blocked everybody. My fondest memory from basketball is playing in the championship game last season at the Barre Aud. The nerves, excitement and eventually the pain of losing at the end. I am hoping to get back to the championship next year and win it. The element that I used was point of view. The hoop was the focal point and the camera was below it.

Griffin O'Neill

This photo reminds me of the time in spent in Europe, and it will always be a trip filled with many memories that are unforgettable. This photo depicts the German Alps and a large lake from a high up view in Neuschwanstein Castle. 

Dakota Clark

Ali Fisher

Magdalene McCaffrey

Magdalene McCaffrey

Magdalene McCaffrey

Magdalene McCaffrey

Magdalene McCaffrey

Magdalene McCaffrey


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